2019 – Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN

This is our third stay at Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, near Clinton, Indiana. This is a good spot for a quiet stay. If you like fishing, though, it’s a destination campground with several lakes of varying sizes. We’ve seen folks out trying their luck every day that we’ve been here. One lady told me that they had enjoyed a fish dinner made up of fresh caught fish from that day. It appears that there are fish to be caught at Horseshoe Lakes!

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Since I’ve reviewed this campground recently, there’s no need for me to do much of a repeat review. Here are a few new photos of this western Indiana campground.

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2017 – Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN

I think we like Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, near Clinton, Indiana better than we liked it on our first visit. When it comes to campgrounds it’s basic real estate: location, location, location. We felt like we got a better site than we had on our previous visit and because of that, we liked the campground better than we did then.

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Honestly, things are pretty much the same as they were when we were here four years ago and that’s not a bad thing. The setting is beautiful and most of the campsites available to those of us who travel are nice while not the best ones. The best spots with wonderful views of the lakes are taken by long timers. Many of these folks have made lots of upgrades to their sites, turning them into showplaces.

As I said, we liked our site. It sits on a finger of land with drop offs on either side, giving us some really nice separation from those on either side of us. While it isn’t one of the really great spots overlooking a lake, it was one of our favorite spots so far this year.

This being Independence Day weekend there were lots of people around. However, I think I counted two empty spots (although they may well have been due to no-shows). The campground was in great shape and there were some nice events including a “zoo” with interesting animals and a barbecue with the meat provided by the campground.

Our Verizon signal was good and I was able to get 2 of my 3 Dish Network satellites through the trees. We had one low voltage episode in which our Surgeguard cut power to the camper for a few minutes.

This is a pretty campground and we’ll likely return when future travels bring us to western Indiana.

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Campground Review: Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN

The facilities are typical Thousand Trails: an Activity Center plus a building just for adults, a pool (not as big as others we’ve seen), and a mini-golf course.  Aside from the fishing, there are lots of nice places to walk or bike.  The facilities are somewhat worn and the roads are mainly gravel.  The main office is on a loop by itself near the entrance and rather removed from the rest of the facility.

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There are few activities during the week, but a variety of things happen on the weekend, including breakfast being served one morning and an ice cream social one afternoon.  There’s not a lot to see real close, but we spent one great afternoon driving the back roads to the east seeing the covered bridges.  We also spent a bit of time in Terre Haute which is about 20 miles to the south.  Jackie will do a separate post about those adventures.

We give this campground a thumbs up mainly for the pleasant, peaceful feel of the place.

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