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A march day on the Texas Gulf Coast

Jackie and I drove to Galveston today, just to look around and see what things look like there 6 months after Hurricane Ike.

Galveston, itself, looks pretty good. There is a lot of damage evident, but, mostly, it looks like it is coming together again. We took the ferry over to Port Bolivar and back. It was windy, but in the 70’s.

Then we drove west down to the San Luis pass. This is the area with all the beach front homes up on stilts. Some of them are high dollar homes. There’s reconstruction going on everywhere. Some places have already been torn down and rebuilt. There are many areas under repair, but lots of new paint and roofs.

The farther one gets from Galveston, the more unrepaired damage there is. Once we crossed over the toll bridge at San Luis pass, the road is called the Blue Water Highway. At that point, there are areas where every structure is still damaged, and it looks doubtful that some will ever be fixed.

This area is not as developed as it is nearer Galveston, and there are long stretches where on can drive on the beach. Well, these days, you have no choice. The road is being repaired, but there are areas where it was pretty much washed away. At that point, the sign points to the beach and you drive along on the sand for up to a mile to where the road is usable again.

All in all it made for an interesting day. In all our driving, by the way, we were never more than 40 miles or so from home.

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Hurricane Ike – 22: We’ve got power!

The mighty Casey hadn’t struck out after all! The trucks all left, but in an hour or so they were back with some friends. I counted five big rigs in all. By the way, they were all from Florida. They took down fences and backed their trucks through back yards so they could replace the broken power poles. It took them all day, but around 6:30 the digital clocks around the house began flashing! We were without electricity from Friday evening, September 12 to Wednesday evening, September 24. Once the power was back on, the Florida power and light guys walked through the area checking for any problems. At every house people came out to thank them. We made it okay without power, but we sure like it better with it!

Lots of photos here.

Hurricane Ike – 21: No joy in Mudville

There’s no joy in Mudville today, although we had a momentary thrill. Around 10:00 we spotted the first power company trucks yet seen on our street. As you can guess, the whole neighborhood stirred. There were three trucks in all and the guys with hard hats went yard to yard up and down both sides of the street. One of them told me that they had to get trucks into at least two back yards to replace snapped off power poles, which means the fences to those yards have to be taken down. I saw them head into one yard with a chain saw. Then, they all gathered for a conference.

Then, they all drove off.

Again, there’s no joy in Mudville today.

Lots of photos here.