2020 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

We’ve spent a lot of time at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails at Willis, TX and I’ve written many reviews of this nice campground. However, our stays haven’t been in the heat of August. The afternoon heat has been brutal at times. Still, we’ve enjoyed some pretty sunsets over the lake and also some nice evenings. There were plenty of available campsites when we arrived although the campground filled up over the weekend. The Activity Center is closed and the pool is operating on a limited basis because of the pandemic. Because of the weather and the health related limitations I wouldn’t rate this stay as one of our better ones. Still we like Lake Conroe. It is one of our favorite Thousand Trails. Here are a few photos from this stay.

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2019 – Lake Conroe, TX Thousand Trails

We’ve stayed at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails near Conroe, TX several times and I’ve written several reviews of the place. Rather than rehash previous reviews I’m going to focus on just the new section (Section B) which is near the entry gate. It seems strange to us to be set up in a nice campground loop that we remember as a big, unused field. Even now new construction continues as vacation cottages are being built adjacent to the new Loop. There’s a lot to like about this section. The roads are very good and the campsites are all concrete, including a large concrete patio on each site. There are several pull through sites in addition to nice, easy access back in sites. As you can guess this new area of the campground is quite popular and sites in it don’t stay vacant for long.

Still, there are some things you might want to know about “B Loop.” As nice as the sites look, several are rather sloped. Pay attention to the back in sites closest to the big retaining wall. The sites aren’t all sloped, but some motorhomes had tires a considerable distance off the ground as people tried to get level. People in 5th wheels can get by better than those in longer motorhomes, but some have considerable piles of blocks under their jacks. On the other hand we were backed into a beautiful site on the north side of the section and got level front to back without much effort. I wouldn’t even try some of the other sites.

The only other thing to think about is that the new section is a ways from the Activity Center, the pool, and especially the lake. If you have children who want to spend time at the basketball, tennis, and mini-golf facilities you might be happier in a campsite closer to the center of the campground. In that case, the real plus of the new section for you is that there are more sites available in sections of the campground closer to the recreation facilities.

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2019 – Spring Stay at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

2019 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

2019 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX
As I’ve said in other reviews, many of our Adventures start and end at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails in Willis, TX. There’s really no need to write yet another review of this nice campground. Our stay this time was much the same as previous stays and, really, there is nothing new to report. We still like it here and hope to return for other enjoyable visits.

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2018 – Fall Stay at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

No need to do yet another review of Lake Conroe Thousand Trails in Willis, TX as we’ve done several reviews through the years. We like it at this park and, most years, our Adventures either begin or end at Conroe (often both, as it was this year). I’ve added a few photos to the slide show – they mainly show the new “B” section campsites. No doubt, we’ll be back at Lake Conroe.

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2018 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails at Willis, TX

We’ve enjoyed another nice stay at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails at Willis, TX. Several of our Adventures have started and/or ended at this nice campground. During this stay I think the place has been the most full we have ever seen it. The new section is scheduled to be opened in a couple of weeks; perhaps that will alleviate some of the congestion. I’ve done several reviews of Lake Conroe through the years. You can find them here.

One highlight of this stay has been the opportunity to visit with several friends, both folks who happened to be at the campground and friends who live in the community.

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2017 – Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, Willis, TX

We have enjoyed many stays at Lake Conroe Thousand Trails in Willis, TX.  Since I have written several reviews of this, our sort of “home” campground, I think I’ll forgo writing yet another.  I will, though, mention that this campground continues to receive impressive upgrades.  As I understand it, the plan is to make one property in each state into a showplace.  Thousand Trails promises that other campgrounds are going to see improvements as time goes by, but for now, the focus is on just a few properties.

Another project that has been going on during our stay was leveling and resurfacing the pull through sites.  Those sites have been the worst in the place for a long time now.  The work that is being done will result in considerably better sites.  However, they are still back to back parking and, even though they are no longer rutted and rough sites, several are still downhill, either side to side or front to back (or both).  I think many people will be disappointed that leveling boards, etc. will still be needed in these pull through sites.

All in all, though, the improvements to the campground are really nice and will do nothing but make this already popular Thousand Trails even more popular.  Since we often begin and end our annual adventures here I’m glad for the work that has been, and continues to be, done.

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2016 – Sightseeing Without the Houston Traffic – west of Lake Conroe

We’ve enjoyed several visits to Lake Conroe Thousand Trails near Conroe, TX and our big travel adventures have all started and ended with stays at this nice campground. Many people who visit here make sightseeing trips into Houston and even go as far as Galveston. However, since we lived in the area so many years and actually volunteer at one of the primary Houston attractions, San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas, we aren’t interested in fighting the Houston traffic to go sightseeing there during our Conroe stays.

The fun fact is that there are some really great places to visit within an hour or so of Lake Conroe. During our stay this time we revisited a couple of interesting areas just to the west of Lake Conroe.

Last but not least, the park is the home of the Barrington Living History Farm. The home of Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, is here. It’s a working farm with costumed staff and period livestock. We saw Texas Longhorn cattle, Ossabaw Island hogs, and chickens. Scott was happy to spot a small “historical” snake making itself at home in one of the restored slave quarters. Our hostess was a friendly lady dressed in period clothing. She gave us a lot of interesting information on the farmhouse and its history.

We had a great time visiting these “no-Houston-traffic” attractions and recommend them to young and old alike.

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Campground review: Lake Conroe Thousand Trails, TX

Let me share what I think is an important Lake Conroe tip: just know that the pull through sites are the worst in the campground. Not only are they generally rough and unlevel, they are “back to back” sites in which your neighbor’s slide will practically touch your camper. Listen, the back in sites here are big and there aren’t any tree problems – you’ll like this place a lot more if you find one of them and stay away from the pull throughs. (BTW, I’ve seen 40+ foot 5vers being pulled by HDT’s on those sites – you’ll fit!)

While we think of Lake Conroe Thousand Trails as our “home” preserve, we’re more than ready to get on with our 2015 Adventure!

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Campground Review: Lake Conroe Thousand Trails

With all of that, there’s plenty of full hookup sites for short term visitors like us.  There’s WiFi but it’s not that great.  We have a five bar connect but it’s still sluggish at best.  My Verizon 4G, though, is 3 bars and not bad at all.  We’re in a 30 amp site, but for an extra $3 there are plenty of 50 amp sites available.  When we were here in February we went to a Valentine’s dinner at the Activity Center.  A talented fellow played the keyboard and the steak dinner was very good.  Now, though, we’re into May and most of the seasonal people have headed north.  We went to a scheduled potluck and were out of luck, as no one showed up.  It think the lack of attendance was due to the number of departures coupled with a local tragedy that resulted in the death of one of the long time residents.  Nearly every “long timer” we talked to mentioned it.  I think that speaks well of the sense of community here.  The park has it’s share of trees, but not so much that there’s any problem getting satellite TV.  Also, our rooftop antenna is sufficient for us to get most of the Houston TV stations.  I think most of the area attractions are Houston oriented; around 40 to 60 minutes to the south.  Since Houston has been local to us for the past many years we’re not inclined to fight the traffic so our time here is more being used for decompression from the intense events of our lives the past few weeks.  That’s okay with us but we are starting to think about the next parts of our big adventure.

Let me also mention that just a few minutes from the preserve, on Little Egypt Road, is John Burge Park. It’s a county park with some nice wooded trails and a nifty frisbee golf course out through the deep woods. If you like to enjoy a 30 minute hike through the woods you’ll enjoy this park.

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Thousand Trails Lake Conroe

We’ve taken a few days off to get out in our Hitchhiker II LS 5th wheel and have been at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe, just north of Houston.  Our first couple of days here were overcast and cool with light rain, but things turned around on Wednesday afternoon and we’ve had pretty days with cold nights; nothing to complain about in the middle of February.

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Jackie and I like this place.  It’s only a few minutes from Conroe and a booming community named Willis.  In fact, we’re just a stone’s throw from I45.  However, once you are here it feels like you are way out in the country.  Thousand Trails calls its parks “preserves.”  Lake Conroe feels like a cross between a state park and a RV resort.  The sites are somewhat roomy, like those in a state park but there are amenities, like a pool, activity center, and stuff for kids to do, reminding us of a family resort.  Tonight we attended a Valentine’s Day dinner and enjoyed some nice keyboard music from a talented gentleman. I guess you’d say we get the best of both worlds here.

Aside from the overnight trip home when we first bought our Nu-Wa Hitchhiker this is our first time out with this camper so it’s been somewhat of a shake down cruise.  Jackie and I have both been working on one little project or another most of the time we’ve been here so time has passed quickly.  Still, it’s nice to get away to a different world for a few days.

An inlet from Lake Conroe is accessible here at the preserve.  While there are no campsites right on the lake, it is nearby.  In the summer there are canoes and paddle boats.  It has been too cool to use the pool but it’s a beauty.  We were tempted to try the spa.  The hot water would have felt good, but we couldn’t bear the thought of getting out, all wet in the cool weather.  Maybe we’ll try it next time.

The WiFi signal is pretty good but it’s very slow.  I’ve been using my 4G connect instead – it’s quite good.

 Again, we like this place and will most certainly be back.  We recommend Thousand Trails Lake Conroe!