Shortstop: El Paso West RV Park – Anthony, NM

This RV park, located near I10 and just a mile or so from the Texas state line, got good reviews and offered an Escapees discount so we decided to give it a try. It has several level pull through sites as well as back in’s located on the parameter of the property. The clientele is a mixture of long term residents who are working in the area and short stay travelers like us. The pull through sites are “back to back” and long enough to allow tow vehicles to stay hooked up. The restrooms are modern and clean and the folks running the place are friendly and welcoming. We found the campground to be a bit noisy. Working people started their day early and overnight campers were anxious to get on the road. It just so happens that we were given the site right next to the dumpsters and we could smell them, not in our camper, but any time we were outside. Nothing I’ve said is a real big deal but it did add up to a less than restful night for us. We would return to this place, but I think I’d lobby for a site a bit farther from the dumpsters.

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Shortstop: Coronado Campground – Bernalillo, NM

Fifteen miles north of Albuquerque, NM and just off of I25 on highway 550 is Coronado Campground, which is operated by the city of Bernalillo. For us, it’s a great stop because our journey will take us north on 550 once we leave.

We really like this campground. The sites are long, there are shelters on each campsite, and even AstroTurf carpeting. Hookups are water and electric with both 30 and 50 amp sites available. The water hookups, for some reason, are on the wrong side of the camper, so you’ll need a longer water hose for water.

We didn’t find the lack of sewer hookups to be a big of a deal because we were allowed to water the trees and plants around our campsite with our gray water.

This campground serves as a good center of operations for exploring Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It is probably a bit far off of I40 for those traveling that route (It’s about 17 miles from I40 to the campground).

For history buffs, the campground is adjacent to the Coronado Historic Site. Also, there are many restaurants and other businesses within minutes of the campground. Our Verizon 4G signal is quite good.

Due to high winds we extended our stay by an extra day.  The campground was a great place to be while we waited for better weather.  We give this place a thumbs up and will likely return.

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Shortstop: Sumner Lake State Park, NM

We did a couple of 300+ mile days getting out of Texas. The reason we pushed so hard was that Lubbock and vicinity was supposed to have winds with gusts of 40 mph the next day. You really don’t want to tow a RV this big in winds like that. So we pushed hard and then settled in for a couple of nights at Lake Sumner State Park near Fort Sumner, NM.

Out here on the high plains a lake is an unusual and welcome sight. The park is about 6 miles east of highway 84. You travel over some hills and then, as you approach the park there are some twists and turns that take you up and over the dam and spillway to the entrance of the park. The route in had my attention but it was doable and I wouldn’t let it keep me from returning. Pecos Campground is the campground with water and 30 amp electric hookups. Just about every site has a view of the lake. There’s good Verizon cell service in the park, yielding a good 4G data flow.

So, we’ve had a couple of days at a very quiet state park. A small but intense thunderstorm got our attention for awhile last night, but we didn’t even get any rain from it as it brushed just past us to the north. Also, the wind has made itself known (but at least it’s not up in the 40’s). Tomorrow we head for Albuquerque.

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