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2017 – Southwestern Ohio Sightseeing

20170530_113924.jpg I’ve enjoyed our third stay in southwestern Ohio. We drove a short 40 minutes to visit nearby Clifton which was settled in 1802. The Historic Clifton Mill is one of the few working water powered grist mills in the U.S. It contains a gift shop and restaurant. Not far from there we visited Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. We hiked one of the trails down by the river to the falls. We really liked the area and hope to go back another time.

20170603_130605.jpg A fun local event was the Corwin, Ohio Tractor show. We got to town around 11:30 for the tractor parade and saw people putting their chairs under a tree so we joined them and found that it was a family of several generations that live in the area and came to see their friends and neighbors on their tractors. We saw a lot of old tractors that have been refurbished and look like they did when they were new. I saw one that I had never seen before and found out it was a cultivator tractor built in 1948 for use on truck farms. The engine was behind the driver so they could see the furrows in front of them. Following the parade there was a meal of pulled pork, coleslaw, green beans with new potatoes, desserts and drinks. The tractors were parked all around so we could get a closer look. A fun way to spend a sunny Saturday morning.

20170605_141437.jpg Being as close to the Museum of the Air Force in Dayton as we were Scott couldn’t resist making another visit. A new section has been added since our last visit so we made a bee line to it. We focused on just that hanger and one other rather than trying to see the entire place – an exhausting effort! We especially enjoyed seeing the Presidential planes as well as many experimental, one-of-a-kind planes. We did an earlier review of the Museum here.


2017 – Campground Review: Wilmington, OH Thousand Trails

20170525_120333.jpg We’re just finishing up our third stay at Wilmington, Ohio Thousand Trails. Since I’ve already done a couple of reviews of this campground this installment is just a quick wrap up.

The other reviews with more photos are here:

We were happy to find a nice spot in Loop A, arriving just ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend. The place quickly filled up, including most of the seasonal sites, many of which had family and friends as guests. We got a kick out of watching the kids coast down the nearby paved road on scooters and bikes. They were having such a good time that it was fun to watch them. The campground staff pulled out all the stops in planning activities for all. We enjoyed a free member-appreciation cookout and special music at the campground church service on Sunday.

20170526_100013.jpg One big change to the campground since our last visit was a complete remodel of the pool area. It looks very good and got a lot of use on its opening day weekend.

We made some new friends, most of whom happen to seasonal site holders. We also enjoyed getting to know some previously Facebook only friends: David and Judy Evans who came in during our second week here.

One disappointment to us was our visit to the nearby gas station/convenience store where we had enjoyed soft serve chocolate ice cream on our previous visits. They no longer have soft serve. We were rather bummed out about that!

All in all, while we’d rather be out exploring new places, we’ve enjoyed our third stay here and rank Wilmington Thousand Trails in the top third of the Thousand Trails we’ve visited.


Campground Review: Wilmington, OH Thousand Trails

100_4664.JPG This was our second stay at Wilmington, OH Thousand Trails. We were here over two years ago and, in fact, stayed in a site just down the road from where we stayed this time. Our first stay, though, was a rather wet and stormy one. This time, we’ve enjoyed ideal weather. We still like this place and now that we’ve stayed in so many Thousand Trails I think we can say that this one is above average.

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100_4667.JPG The common Thousand Trails issue of many of the more desirable sites being rented out to long term residents is in play here. I think it’s kind of sad that there are so many nice sites with empty trailers sitting on them while traveling members have just a few spots to pick from. This is nothing against people who take advantage of the deal but I do wish more consideration was given to regular members.

We’ve enjoyed the company of our good friends Ron and Theresa Corwin. They are traveling from the east and we are traveling from the north and we met here for these two weeks. Ron willingly took on some projects on our camper and for that I am very grateful. We also enjoyed lots of fun fellowship with them during our stay. To make things even better, Jackie’s brother Jim, and his wife, Phyllis came to visit her mother who lives nearby. It was lots of fun to spend time with them.

This is a quiet campground – a nice place for leisurely walks and evening campfires. We also enjoyed a concert by the Weaver Believer band.

Since we did a review of this campground with lots of photos and some of the area sights, especially our time at the National Museum of the Air Force, on our previous visit I’ll not repeat the same information here but I will mention that I’ve added some photos to the campground photo album. We do like this campground and expect to return for future visits.

Shortstop: Ottawa Metro Park Campground – Lima, OH

100_4654.JPG Ottawa Metro Park Campground is a nice campground located just a few minutes off of I75 in Lima, Ohio, making it a great two night stop for us. The roads and the spacious, level campsites are paved. There are both back in and pull-through sites. The trees in the campground are smaller, so they don’t offer much shade but, as a result of their size, getting satellite TV is no problem. Some sites offer 50 amp electric but the majority are 30 amp. All sites are water/electric and there is a dump station in the campground. The restroom/shower building is modern and clean. During our stay the price was $25 a night with an over-60 senior discount price of $20. There are some terrific, paved walking trails and a swimming beach in the park. The only negative I saw about the campground is that it’s all first-come/first-served with no reservations possible. For RVers out on the road this arraignment doesn’t work very well. We arrived the weekend after Labor Day and had no problem getting a site. If you plan on coming to this park during busier times, you might want to try arriving on a weeknight; or at least you will want to have a backup campground in mind. My Verizon 4G signal was a usable 2 bars. This place is a real winner, especially if you don’t mind taking a chance on getting a site when traveling during busy times of the year.


Campground Review: Kenisee Lake Thousand Trails, Jefferson, OH

2013-07-09 11.10.29.jpg For this move we drove from the southwestern corner of Ohio to the northeastern corner, a distance of around 260 miles, to Kenisee Lake Thousand Trails near Jefferson, Ohio.  We arrived just ahead of a big thunderstorm which was followed a couple of days later by an even bigger storm that prompted us to leave the camper and hang out in the Activity Center for a while.  The second storm, though, had a welcome benefit as it ushered in a cold front and a few days of beautiful clear skies and highs in the 70’s.  As I write this, the glorious cool days are past and we’re back into humid highs of near 90.  It was nice while it lasted.

2013-07-10 10.05.51.jpg There are four camping loops here at Kenisee.  “A Loop” is, I think, the best.  It has more shade trees with nice roomy sites.   “B” and “C” are okay, but without as much shade.  “D Loop” isn’t a good place to be in wet conditions.  There was a lot of standing water there over the first several days of our stay and I don’t think anyone would have even thought of putting a RV there.  With dryer conditions it might be okay, but the sites really aren’t that great under any condition.  One very nice thing about this campground is that all sites are full hook-up, thus there’s no scramble to grab the sewer sites and not as much resentment concerning the seasonals taking all the sewer sites as we’ve seen elsewhere.

2013-07-11 17.11.27.jpg Kenisee Lake, itself is a beautiful lake.  There are a couple of other ponds on the property.  Just about all the Thousand Trails campgrounds have miniature golf, but the course here is better than any we have seen.  I think it’s nice enough to be a commercial course.  There’s also a heated pool and other amenities.  The WiFi here isn’t worth much.  You have to be right in the Activity Center to use it, and then it’s fair at best.  I had somewhat better luck with my 4G.  It wasn’t the best cellular connect I’ve had but it did the job.

There were some nice activities over the weekend: ice cream, a chocolate fountain (along with the showing of “Willie Wonka”), and a few other children’s activities.  One afternoon we enjoyed listening to a rehearsal session of a family bluegrass group that just happens to be staying here.  They are “Amber Waves Band” and we hope to hear them in concert somewhere down the line.

The area has some interesting attractions.  There are covered bridges, some nice beach and waterfront parks at Lake Erie, and other historical sites and events.  Nearby Jefferson has a scenic railroad but it doesn’t start operations till late in the summer and into the fall.

We like Kenisee Lake Thousand Trails and will likely return here as part of a future swing through the Great Lakes states.

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