2014 Adventure Wrap-Up

It was with some sadness that we turned east and headed for Arizona because that meant we were now winding down our big Adventure.  Still, we’re talking about Arizona here; long one of our favorite states.  We spent a month there, working our way from the northwest corner of the state to ultimately exit at the southeast corner.

Before long we were back in Texas – enjoying the splendor of the state’s southwest.  We’ve always liked the Texas State Parks and it was a pleasure to visit three of them, especially Davis Mountains State Park, as we worked our way east.

After almost seven months we’ve now arrived back where the Adventure began: Lake Conroe Thousand Trails. We towed the 5th wheel about 6300 miles and then drove about the same distance sightseeing and “just living.”  We stayed in about 40 different campgrounds, generally for a week and a half at a time with several shorter stays when we were in “repositioning mode.”  In January I’ll release our budget figures but we pretty much stayed on target through the year.

It was a great trip and I’m already looking forward to return visits to and through these areas.

2014 – Along the southern Oregon/northern California coast

Then, as we moved into northern California we were amazed by the majesty of the old growth redwood trees in Redwood National Park. One memorable drive was up Howland Hill Road at Crescent City into the state/national park. At one point we stopped to walk the easy loop through Stouts Grove; the trees there are stunning.

We enjoyed our time at Smith River. The river flows into the Pacific right at our campground. We walked along the water, enjoying the sea lions, harbor seals and one eagle.

The drive down 101 was beautiful yet challenging with steep grades and sharp turns. In several places there are Redwoods right by the highway. Along one stretch we drove through Richardson Grove. The hills are steep but the views are beautiful. There were many small towns along the way and several looked like a nice place to spend some time. At one point for abut an hour we drove through increasing smoke from a forest fire. We never saw the actual fire but we actually drove past the firefighter’s base camp.

Our trip down the coast of the Pacific Northwest was terrific and we were a bit sad to move south and inland. We now understand better why people flock to this area and hope to return in days to come.

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Florence, OR and vicinity

On the recommendation of a friend we decided to go see Sweet Creek Falls. We drove to the trail head and then hiked about 45 minutes to the main falls. The creek has several small falls and rapids that we looked at along the way. The trail is a well marked, fairly easy trail. We saw families playing in some of the pools as we walked up the creek. At the main falls we ate lunch while sitting on rocks and enjoying the view. The trail was busy with families, couples and singles enjoying this locally known park.

We’ve enjoyed the cool weather and beautiful scenery here on the central coast of Oregon.

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Pacific City, OR and Surrounding Area

Munson Creek Falls outside of Tillamook was a pleasant surprise for us and our good friends of many years, Ron and Theresa Corwin. Following the sign we turned down Munson Creek Road that turned into gravel and became very narrow. The road ended in a parking area. From there we hiked back a 1/4 mile trail to the 319 foot falls. It is beautiful, tranquil and well worth the drive and the walk.

All the Oregon coast is beautiful and this area is no exception.

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Campground Review: Pacific City, OR Thousand Trails

There’s a path down to the beach from the campground, but it is pretty steep. Hiking back to the campground left us out of breath. Again, Pacific City is close by and there one can park in a nice paved parking lot or even drive right out onto a beautiful beach. We did the campground trail to the beach a couple of times but after that we decided to save our legs for walking on the beach rather than hiking down and back to the beach.

We liked Pacific City Thousand Trails, hills and all, and hope to return.

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Shortstop: Mountain View RV – Baker City, OR

Soon, though, we arrived at Baker City, OR and Mountain View RV. Upon arrival one drives through a mobile home section of the property. Behind that is a nice RV park. The sites are mostly pull through and level. The restrooms are modern and clean, there’s a pool, spa, and a small store. We drove into Baker City and found it to be an interesting community. Jackie was especially pleased to find that the Dairy Queen has soft-serve chocolate ice cream – a real winner in her book. Our stop here is just one night but we could easily return for a longer stay someday.

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