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2017 – Lake Texoma Thousand Trails – Gordonville, TX

20170921_183701.jpg In spite of Texas late September summer-like temperatures, we enjoyed our stay at Lake Texoma Thousand Trails, Gordonville, TX. We were last here in May, 2013 and the campground is about the same as it was then. We appreciated the ranger giving us a list of vacant full hookup, 50 Amp sites that were available, I think there were 8 or 9. We picked the one that looked good to us and settled into a large, level, gravel site. There’s a $3 a night surcharge for 50 Amps – in fact, the power pedestals for those sites are padlocked until the surcharge is paid. This Thousand Trails has both a large “family” pool and Activity Center and a smaller Adult pool with spa and Adult Activity Center. There are many annual campsites that have been improved in various ways by the residents. A surprising number of the residents light their sites at night with “running lights” whether or not they are present. However, if a person arrives looking for a 30 Amp full hookup site they would have many nice spots from which to choose. The roads in the campground are typical Thousand Trails: read rough and pothole filled.

We had no problem getting a satellite signal and our Verizon signal was a solid 4G.

20170925_094859.jpg Our arrival day at Lake Texoma was a difficult travel day for us in which a tire on the pickup came apart, doing considerable damage to the pickup. As a result the pickup was in need of repairs and we needed to travel to Houston to pick up our car so we would have transportation during the repairs. The campground management worked with us as we dealt with these unexpected, unwelcome circumstances. We did shorten our stay by a few days as we needed to time our relocation days with the repairs.

20170921_104144.jpg One strange coincidence is that the last time we visited Lake Texoma Thousand Trails we had a tire begin to delaminate as we traveled. We had to stop and buy two new tires. Here we are four years later and, as we traveled to the campground we had a tire (likely one of those bought on that day in 2013) come apart, forcing us to stop and buy four new tires. It almost makes us afraid to schedule Lake Texoma Thousand Trails again!


2017 – Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, Clinton, IN

20170628_103526.jpg I think we like Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails, near Clinton, Indiana better than we liked it on our first visit. When it comes to campgrounds it’s basic real estate: location, location, location. We felt like we got a better site than we had on our previous visit and because of that, we liked the campground better than we did then.

  • Previous review is here.
  • Honestly, things are pretty much the same as they were when we were here four years ago and that’s not a bad thing. The setting is beautiful and most of the campsites available to those of us who travel are nice while not the best ones. The best spots with wonderful views of the lakes are taken by long timers. Many of these folks have made lots of upgrades to their sites, turning them into showplaces.

    IMG_0058.JPG As I said, we liked our site. It sits on a finger of land with drop offs on either side, giving us some really nice separation from those on either side of us. While it isn’t one of the really great spots overlooking a lake, it was one of our favorite spots so far this year.

    This being Independence Day weekend there were lots of people around. However, I think I counted two empty spots (although they may well have been due to no-shows). The campground was in great shape and there were some nice events including a “zoo” with interesting animals and a barbecue with the meat provided by the campground.

    Our Verizon signal was good and I was able to get 2 of my 3 Dish Network satellites through the trees. We had one low voltage episode in which our Surgeguard cut power to the camper for a few minutes.

    This is a pretty campground and we’ll likely return when future travels bring us to western Indiana.


    2017 – Campground Review: Wilmington, OH Thousand Trails

    20170525_120333.jpg We’re just finishing up our third stay at Wilmington, Ohio Thousand Trails. Since I’ve already done a couple of reviews of this campground this installment is just a quick wrap up.

    The other reviews with more photos are here:

    We were happy to find a nice spot in Loop A, arriving just ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend. The place quickly filled up, including most of the seasonal sites, many of which had family and friends as guests. We got a kick out of watching the kids coast down the nearby paved road on scooters and bikes. They were having such a good time that it was fun to watch them. The campground staff pulled out all the stops in planning activities for all. We enjoyed a free member-appreciation cookout and special music at the campground church service on Sunday.

    20170526_100013.jpg One big change to the campground since our last visit was a complete remodel of the pool area. It looks very good and got a lot of use on its opening day weekend.

    We made some new friends, most of whom happen to seasonal site holders. We also enjoyed getting to know some previously Facebook only friends: David and Judy Evans who came in during our second week here.

    One disappointment to us was our visit to the nearby gas station/convenience store where we had enjoyed soft serve chocolate ice cream on our previous visits. They no longer have soft serve. We were rather bummed out about that!

    All in all, while we’d rather be out exploring new places, we’ve enjoyed our third stay here and rank Wilmington Thousand Trails in the top third of the Thousand Trails we’ve visited.


    2017 – Indian Lakes Thousand Trails, Batesville, IN

    20170511_122726.jpg We’re just finishing up our second stay at Indian Lakes Thousand Trails in Batesville, Indiana. We were here a year and a half ago and I did a review of this campground then. You can see it here. Really, things are pretty much the same now as they were then so there’s no need to do another major review. I will mention that we were happy to get a spot in Phase 4 again. It isn’t as easy to get into this popular section as it was because more campsites have been taken over by seasonal residents. We’ve been here 2 weeks and we have yet to see anyone at some of the campers around us. Beyond that, it’s my impression that over the weekends that all the full hookup sites in the campground were taken. However, this is such a big place that I doubt it ever gets completely full. We’ve enjoyed mostly good weather, had no problem getting our satellite TV, had a good Verizon signal, and, in general, had a pleasant stay. We give this Thousand Trails a “thumbs up.”


    2016 – Sightseeing Without the Houston Traffic – west of Lake Conroe

    We’ve enjoyed several visits to Lake Conroe Thousand Trails near Conroe, TX and our big travel adventures have all started and ended with stays at this nice campground. Many people who visit here make sightseeing trips into Houston and even go as far as Galveston. However, since we lived in the area so many years and actually volunteer at one of the primary Houston attractions, San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas, we aren’t interested in fighting the Houston traffic to go sightseeing there during our Conroe stays.

    The fun fact is that there are some really great places to visit within an hour or so of Lake Conroe. During our stay this time we revisited a couple of interesting areas just to the west of Lake Conroe.

    20160425_145606.jpg One terrific destination is Brenham, TX. During the springtime Brenham and the surrounding area has wonderful windflowers; especially the bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes. The town also has many restaurants and shops to wander through. For us the main attraction is visiting the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory and buying ice cream on site. You can learn the history of Blue Bell Ice Cream and see artifacts in the Visitor’s Center and buy ice cream and souvenirs in the Creamery. But sure to check on the availability of factory tours. In front of the buildings is an original Blue Bell delivery truck and lovely statuary surrounded by flowers.

    20160503_131714.jpg The other good day trip is to the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site. It was here that the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed in 1836. Even as the delegates were meeting at what would become Independence Hall the brave defenders were at the Alamo. You can visit Independence Hall and learn about this historic event. We took a stroll past the Hall and through the old town site, looking at the information about what was a bustling riverboat community during that period of history.

    20160503_134738.jpg Near the Visitors Center is another prime attraction in the park: the Star of the Republic Museum. This museum tells the story of Texas from the early days of the American Indians, Spanish explorers, the migration to Texas, through the early days of the Republic. There’s a free video that gives an overview of the 1836-1846 period. There’s a hands-on area for children as well as exhibits including historical quilts, medical utensils, farming equipment, and everyday items used by families. One area has information on the steamboat Yellowstone that Sam Houston used to take troops across the Brazos River.

    20160503_113452.jpg Last but not least, the park is the home of the Barrington Living History Farm. The home of Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, is here. It’s a working farm with costumed staff and period livestock. We saw Texas Longhorn cattle, Ossabaw Island hogs, and chickens. Scott was happy to spot a small “historical” snake making itself at home in one of the restored slave quarters. Our hostess was a friendly lady dressed in period clothing. She gave us a lot of interesting information on the farmhouse and its history.

    We had a great time visiting these “no-Houston-traffic” attractions and recommend them to young and old alike.

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