2015 – Tip: Other uses of Google Maps

I use Google maps a lot for planning. I mostly use it for routing. Sometimes if I’m unsure of a section of highway (or want to check out the campground entrance) I check out the street view and virtually drive along a section of highway to see what it looks like. Here’s a nifty website that automates journeying the street view.

If I’m in unfamiliar country and concerned about taking the 5th wheel over a highway I’ll go to Google Earth view and zoom in close enough to see what kind of vehicles are on that road. If I see a few 18 wheelers or campers I know I can drive it too.

Recently, just for fun I was looking at San Jacinto Monument (and Battleship Texas) where we volunteered last winter and will return to in less than a month. I was surprised to see that sometime during our stay there last winter the area was photographed by Google Earth and our camper was photographed from far above. Cool, huh!