Campground review: Mt Vernon Thousand Trails, Bow, WA

We heard reports of people having low electrical voltage, in fact, we had the same problem our first night. Because of that, plus low water pressure and a failure to get a satellite signal, we moved to the “satellite row” area after our first night’s stay. After that, we had no water or electrical issues for the rest of the time we were there. I had a decent 4G cell data signal but it was having problems. It would work for a while and then throughput would just stop. The only way to get it back was to turn on “airplane mode” on the phone, then turn it back off. Things would work fine for a while and then I’d have to jump through that hoop yet again.

We like Mt Vernon Thousand Trails although the lack of sewer hookups might be a big enough deal for us to go elsewhere, or at least plan for a shorter stay, in the future.

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Shortstop: Yakima River RV Park, Ellensburg, WA

There’s no bathhouse or facilities of any kind but most of the sites are full hookups.  The campground provides good WiFi and our cell signal is quite good too.  We met the owner, a nice lady who had lots of advice about the area.  Alas, this is the last of what will be three one-nighters in a row for us.

Tomorrow we head west on I90, up and over yet another mountain, and then skirt Seattle and head north just a short distance.  We’ll be back in the Thousand Trails system and our short stays and longer drives will come to an end for several months to come.  Our deluge of blog entries should slow down a bit as our pace slows.

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