Why Full Time?

Scott writes…

Jackie and I started off tenting because, well, because we couldn’t afford a motel room.  We’d plan our road trips in such a way as to spend the night at a nice state park.  Before long, we’d pack the tent and spend some of our vacation enjoying beautiful places we would have never seen otherwise.

Later on, we “moved up” to various small campers or at least vans that served as mini-campers.  We traveled all over…spending time in National Parks like Yellowstone or in the mountains of Colorado or some of the beautiful Texas State parks.

Almost without thinking about it we began talking about what it would be like to retire and live in a RV; seeing the country at a leisurely pace while sleeping in our own bed each night.

As retirement appeared on the horizon we decided that this was a dream worth pursuing.

We began researching the various types of RVs, the cost of this lifestyle, and a thousand other things.  In time we bought a big pickup followed by a big camper.  The house was sold and we became full time RVers.  I readily admit that this isn’t for everyone.  But it’s for us; something we always dreamed of doing.  We’re full time RVers because this lifestyle appeals to us and because we’re blessed with reasonably good health and the opportunity to spend some of our precious retirement years doing what we’ve always wanted to do.

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