Devotional on Genesis

2014 – Horsethief Campground – Moab, UT

Abraham and Sarah and Hagar
Genesis 16: You’re the God who sees me!
The story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar is such a sad one. While I know that I’m reading an event from long ago that took place in a culture very different than mine, the way Hagar is treated is pitiful. Sarah, who’s childless, sees that those in the culture around her have a sort of solution for the problem. They use a slave girl as a surrogate. Apparently, giving one’s servant to one’s husband is less humiliating in that culture than being childless. Hagar has no say in the matter and Abraham docilely goes along Sarah’s foolish plan. When the girl gets pregnant by Abraham the already horrible situation begins to unravel further. Hagar, who has never had much of a chance in life, decides to run away from the people who’ve abused her. My belief is that her choice to run is probably the right one. However in this case and in this day and culture, there are extenuating circumstances. As she flees, she encounters the God she’s heard Abraham and Sarah talk about. To her amazement, God not only knows about Abraham and Sarah, he knows her name too. This God cares about her and gives her a promise similar to the one he gave Abraham years earlier. Hagar connects with the Lord and calls him El Roi – the “God who sees.” As I read this incident and then of Hagar’s second encounter with El Roi a few pages over, I’m reminded that God sees the plight of the outcasts of the world. He sees and he cares about their lives. Since I’m a worshiper of this seeing God my values ought to reflect his values. I’m to show compassion on those who are mistreated by society. As I’m able, I’m to help lift their burden. Whether I can do that or not, I’m to value them as people the God I worship, El Roi, sees and cares about.
Take away: God cares about the abused and the outcasts. I’m to do the same.

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