Devotional on Hebrews

None other has these credentials

Hebrews 1: But he says to the Son, You’re God.

God has always been a communicating God. That’s abundantly obvious as I read through the Old Testament. Hardly a page can be read without reference to God’s communicating something. Outside the pages of the Bible there are other communications of God; sometimes in direct, undeniable ways, other times for anyone willing to pay attention. The unnamed writer of the Book of Hebrews focuses on the ultimate communication of God. In Jesus, I’m told, God has spoken to us as he has never spoken before or will ever speak again. Up to this time, people might debate on who has been the greatest messenger of God. Perhaps it was one of the great patriarchs or prophets. Some might argue that it has to be the angels, whose very name means “messenger.” In the Book of Hebrews the case is made, and won, that only one messenger has spoken with the very authority of God. Other genuine messengers should be honored and their message heeded. Only one messenger is to be worshiped as God. His name is Jesus.

Take Away: In Jesus we see God, himself.

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