Devotional on Isaiah

2005 – Virginia

Remade People
Isaiah 4: Everyone left behind in Zion, all the discards and rejects in Jerusalem, will be reclassified as “holy.”
The intention of God is frightening. Jerusalem will be emptied out, cleansed of its sin. The people who were given this land as a gift of the Lord are going to be ripped from their inheritance. The only people not taken will be those the invaders don’t think are worth taking. These will be discarded and left behind like some broken household item that isn’t worth moving. It will be these survivors, these “worthless people” who will be the hope of life continuing in Jerusalem. God intends to take these who are considered unworthy and transform their lives, classifying them as holy in his sight. Our testimony isn’t as dramatic but it’s just as thrilling. The Lord takes us in our brokenness, our sin, our worthlessness and as we cooperate with him he begins to remake us. He transforms us, making us into new people. Jesus called that transformation process being “born again.” Oh, the grace of God — how powerful and how wonderful.
Take Away: We are made new by the grace of God, made holy in his sight, transformed by his power.

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