Devotional on Jeremiah

Taking too much for granted
Jeremiah 1: The Message of Jeremiah son of Hilkiah…this is what the Lord said.
Jeremiah lives in a time of international upheaval that rivals anything we see in history. His nation is caught in the middle of it all. They’re small players caught between giants and have only one hope of survival: the supernatural. Only God can save them from the disaster that’s marching relentlessly through history toward them. The problem is that his people take God for granted. After all, God gave their forefathers that land saying it was theirs forever. They’ve concluded that they don’t have to do anything to remain under the protection of God. In fact, they don’t even have to live God’s way. Jeremiah is given the task of telling them that they have it all wrong and that God can never be taken for granted. This message isn’t preached just once, but repeatedly and in various forms. Sadly, we know that his message is rejected and Jerusalem falls in 587 B.C. Since I live in days of unrest and amazing change, and since my nation seems to take a lot for granted, I’m going to read Jeremiah as not only a historical figure, but as a man who just might have something to say to my society too.
Take Away: The Lord must never be taken for granted.

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