Devotional on Nahum

No plunger necessary
Nahum 2: Nineveh is a tub from which they’ve pulled the plug.
If I’m unfortunate enough to find myself in a yard with a pit bull dog, I’ll keep my eye on that dangerous animal as I do whatever it is I need to do. My attention will be divided between the task at hand and the big dog. That’s how it is for Judah. Nineveh and its empire is an overpowering, frightening evil that dominates the landscape. Right there in their back yard is the might of Assyria. Nahum wants to remind them that Nineveh isn’t as big a deal as they think it is. The description of the end of Nineveh is intended to bring a smile. When God takes action on that wicked city it will drain away like water draining from a tub once the plug is pulled. A take away for me today is that some threats demand way too much of my attention. The Lord can handle that problem. Anytime he wants he can pull the plug on its entire operation. My job then, is to keep my eyes on him; to trust him and obey him, and let him handle that which would otherwise scare me half to death.
Take Away: Our job is to keep our eyes on the Lord.

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