Devotional on Proverbs

2002 – New England

Before you take that leap
Proverbs 25: Don’t jump to conclusions — there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.
This proverb reminds me of a story a good friend told me about himself. This pastor was visiting a lady, not one of his church members, who was at an advanced age. She asked him if he would take her to the store and the pharmacy to pick up a few things. He agreed. This lady had consumed a can of beer as part of her daily routine all her life. Apparently, along with needing some other items, she had run out of her supply of beer, so that was one of the items on her short shopping list. When she got back into the car, before he knew it, she popped the top on a can, remarking, “Whew, I need this!” He took her to the pharmacy down the street, and, once again, before he knew it, she thrust the open can into his hand, saying, “Hold this while I pick up my prescription.” He was sitting there in the car, holding an open can of beer when it seemed the Lord laughingly spoke to him, “Walter, I don’t want you to ever judge anyone by mere appearances again.” Had anyone who knew him walked by the car at that moment, word would have spread like wildfire that the Nazarene pastor was not only drinking — but was drinking and driving!
Take Away: As Jesus said, “judge not.”

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