Welcome to PastorScott.com.  I am Pastor Scott Cundiff. My wife of over 50 years, Jackie, and I lived in Alvin, Texas from 1999 to our retirement in 2013 where I was the lead pastor of the Church of the Nazarene.  After retirement we traveled full time in our RV for about 9 years, enjoying seeing the country and experiencing a different pace of life as retirees.  I have also accepted some extended assignments as interim pastor, helping churches that are in pastoral transition. In July of 2022 we began a new Adventure, embarking on a year-long stay in Manchester, England where we volunteered at Nazarene Theological College.  These days we have “retired” from our travels and are comfortably settled down near family and friends.   We write about our adventures in our Here and There / Scott and Jackie’s Travels blog.

In 2005 I was thinking about ways to enhance time I spent in God’s Word. Through the years I had read the Bible in various translations, used different devotional guides, etc. I felt that rather than reading several pages each day that I needed to slow down and reflect more on what I was reading.

Writing has always been a way for me to think through things. As I prepare sermons I don’t write a manuscript, but I do a lot of writing which helps me organize my thoughts. I decided I would read my Bible each day until something caught my attention. At that point I would stop reading and write my thoughts about it.

At first, these were strictly personal thoughts, and I had no intention of making them public. However, I ultimately decided that by posting them online I would not only be sharing my thoughts but I would have a thumb in my back to keep writing. I ended up posting the devotionals to not only my blog but to Facebook and Instagram as well.

A few years later, I self-published my devotionals, ultimately in four volumes. I basically gave them away, setting the prices at the minimum allowed. Several have bought the books, but many more read them daily online.

When I finally came to the end of Revelation I decided to go back to Genesis, repeating the devotionals day by day, sometimes editing them for clarity or just to fix a typo.

Thanks to all who have read, made occasional comments on Facebook, and clicked on Facebook “like.” Your words of encouragement are a real blessing to me.


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