Devotional on Lamentations

Looking up from the bottom
Lamentations 5: Give us a fresh start.
The prayer I find near the conclusion of this book of laments is one that has been prayed many times through the centuries. Jeremiah describes for us the devastating loss his people have suffered remarking, “Our dances have turned into dirges.” In their miserable state they exclaim, “Would that we’d never sinned!” That’s another statement that has been said many times. As some unknown preacher said, “Sin will take you farther than you want to go.” How many people have found themselves at the bottom, crushed by the consequences of their own sin? For some reason we always think we’ll be the ones to get away with it, that we’ll beat the odds. It never happens and sooner or later we add our voice to the chorus lamenting, “Would that we’d never sinned!” It’s in that place, when everything seems hopeless that we can lift our faces to the God we’ve failed and pray, “Give us a fresh start.” Our God is the God of Second Chances. Even when I’ve messed my life up to the point that all is lost he can give me a fresh start. That isn’t to say that he’ll press the rewind button on my life. What’s done is done. However, he’ll do something just as meaningful: he’ll make me into a new person. When I’m weary of my sin and crushed by my failure, I can look to the God of Second Chances and ask him to give me a fresh start. The Lord delights in answering that prayer.
Take Away: God is the God of Second Chances.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for this devotional series and praise God for leading you to write down your thoughts. I say that because I’m helping teach our senior high class and tomorrow I’m finishing up chapter 5. By chapter 5 I feel like Jeremiah is beating the dog. I get it, it’s horrible and nearly indescribable, but I think mother boiling their children for food sums it up as much as I or our senior high kids care to know. How providential that a Google search would lead me this evening to your blog and this series. Thank you for providing me with the direction and push that I needed to finish tomorrows lesson.

    Warm regards,

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